MW340P Battery
Scrubber Dryer
with Pump

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Industry leading, hassle free battery powered floor cleaner, Got floors that need cleaning? Whether it be hard, soft or even carpet, the Multi-Wash range is the perfect machine.

With it's rotating brushes rather than the industry standard spinning pads, the bristles get into all the nooks & crannies, between floor tiles etc...
You may have seen this range cleaning shopping centre floors & escalators, but you WON'T hear it, because it's silky smooth & very quiet.

This is the battery version, allowing 50 mins continuous cleaning... all cord FREE. Spare battery available which will give you twice the operating time. Also comes with an indicator so you know when its time to "re-charge your batteries"... so to speak.

Hassle FREE floor cleaning.

  • Step 1 fill the clean water tank.
  • Step 2 plug in & switch on.
  • Step 3 walk up & down at your leisure with this industry leading scrubber-dryer.

It's dual drums removes the water & dirt in one single pass, leaving the floor ready to use as soon as you've put your machine away. There are 5 models, but the MW340 outsells it's brothers & sisters 10 fold. Please check out the internet for prices; you'll find we can't be beaten.

For those floors where hygiene is of the upmost importance & cross contamination is a definate NO NO, colour coded brushes are avaliable. If you have larger areas that need cleaning regularly, it may be worth asking about the PUMP version, that gives you a bigger clean water tank.

Highly effective on most floors including:
Non-slip safety floors, low pile carpets, entrance matting, escalators and travellators,


  • Cord free battery version
  • High-speed productivity
  • Quiet in operation
  • Accessible and removable tanks for fast filling and emptying
  • Leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes
  • Choice of brushes for normal, maintenance cleaning or intensive scrubbing
  • Available in different cleaning widths 24cm, 34cm and 44cm
  • Optional trolley for ultimate manoeuvrability
  • Simple and easy to use
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Promo Price £1986.00
Competitor Price £2400.00
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Multi-Wash Trolley

Multi-Wash Trolley

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