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Semi-Professional Cold Water Pressure Washer.

This machine doesn't just look the part, you will be amazed with the jobs it can do too. Used by many for cleaning patios & furniture, driveways, outside of the building, the car, the van, the boat... Puuurfect for daily use & those tough, stubborn jobs.

Unlike the "High Street" models that have predominantly plastic parts inside, hence the reason most have to replace each year, this has 3 steel pistons encased in an aluminium pump head with a built in by-pass valve. You'll be retiring years before your very own Vertigo does.

We have used for cleaning the huge shutter door, that allows access into the warehouse. Leaves it looking shiny & brand new.

Vertigo 28 Plus semi-professional.160 bar max, 2800 W, Flow rate 510 litres per hour

Ask about the patio kit as an addition for just 56.48

The Tech Info

  • Low maintenance motor with thermal protection
  • 8 mtr high pressure hose
  • Axial pump
  • Brass pump head
  • High-strength steel pistons
  • Built in by-pass valve
  • Very low noise level
  • Direct detergent suction with built-in tank
  • Practical trolley with ergonomic handle and accessory storage facility
  • Electric power cable holder
  • Automatic Stop System
  • Hose reel as standard equipment
  • Induction motor powered
  • Three steel pistons, brass pump head with built-in by-pass valve
  • Side holder to site lance and gun matched together (ready for use)
  • Built-in detergent tank for direct suction
  • Accessory storage facility
  • Hose reel Trolley with ergonomic handle granting excellent mobility
  • Gun with quick connection
  • Reinforced professional high pressure hose Lance with quick connection nozzles (set of 5 nozzles included)
  • TURBO nozzle
  • Weight 22kg
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Promo Price £277.00
Competitor Price £359.00
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