CC-Cart Multi-Purpose
Housekeeping Trolley

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Housekeepers cant get enough of this "Beauty".

Apart from the "kitchen sink", you can transport any cleaning product; cloths, sprays, chemical, or even aids such as your vacuum, mops & buckets.

Compact enough to fit in the smallest of lifts to transport between floors, sturdy enough for the heavy workload this is used for on a daily basis. Care homes, hotels, offices, shopping precincts & more, just like having a portable cleaning cupboard at your beck & call. You steer and it will drive... then sit quietly whist you go about the tasks & say thank you when youve finished. A real friend to help pass the day.

We have one in our company kitchen. Even labelled it with AQUASMART BUDDY CART. We can do something similar for you, just ask.

  • This compact cleaning cart is both space efficient and versatile.
  • Designed to accommodate common cleaning items and waste collection.
  • Ideal for use in confined areas with limited storage space.
  • Complete with bag.
  • Height: 98cm (38") Width: 49cm (19") Length: 113cm (45")
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Buy 3 or more £95.22
Single Price £107.68
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