9mtr Extendable
Vacuum Hose

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Stair vacuuming made easy

Sick of balancing your tub vac half up the stairs, or even having to carry whilst you "hoover". Here is a very simple solution. You can use instead of the standard hose you have for all jobs, such as multi staircases, long corridors, large dining or function rooms. Or it can be saved for just those bigger tasks.

1.5metres, extending to 9metres & then quickly retracts, just like the "slinky toy", but without the tangle.

Will fit most 32mm vacuums such as; Henry, HEPAvac, Hetty, K505, NRV200. Just live chat or call & ask if it fits yours.

You wont need one for every tub vacuum you have, but well advised for the ones you use in the areas mentioned above.

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Buy 3 or more £19.69
Single Price £24.50
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